Yagyuu Sprite based on Bead Anon’s work.
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God Damn, the best session I’ve had yet. Pure adrenaline kicked in throughout the whole the entirety of the playthrough. I died only once, and that was at the final sequence. In fact, I think it was such a good playthrough that I’ll upload a replay of it.
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Time to vent out what I’ve been holding off. It’s also time to lose any credibility that I’ve had, so be warned when reading this.

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Finally got A Ranks on all stages. Stage 4 can die in a fire.
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killed mwh’s mega garchomp with an unown nbd

And then there was this amazing match.
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Streaming Pokemon Black

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Shall be streaming Pokemon BW in a bit

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Streaming Pokemon Black/White

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Shall resume the Pokemon Black/White stream in a bit.

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Streaming Pokemon Black/White

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Shall be streaming Pokemon Black in a bit.

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Streaming Shovel Knight

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